The result of a recent Public Policy Polling poll should really come as no surprise to anyone, outside of Patriots' fans, but Tom Brady is the most hated NFL quarterback.

Yep, the pretty boy who is almost every analyst's golden QB is the people's most disliked of them all. Here's the breakdown on the hate:

  • Tom Brady - 18%
  • Tim Tebow - 12% (wait, he's not even playing anymore)
  • RG3 - 11%
  • Eli Manning - 7%
  • Peyton Manning - 5%
  • Drew Brees - 5%
  • Cam Newton - 4%
  • Aaron Rodgers - 3%
  • Russel Wilson - 3%

The award for Most Popular QB goes to none other than Peyton Manning with 23% of the vote. The next closest in the poll would be Tom Brady and RG3 at 13%.

Another tidbit from the poll show that the Cowboys are, in fact, not America's team. Sixty percent said the title was undeserved while 23% said the team is their least favorite.

One last notation from the poll: Should the Washington Redskins change their name? It was a hot-button topic throughout the season but only 18% of voters said they should. So was all that debate over nothing?


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