It's been two decades of Tom Brady owning the New York Jets. Just when you think it's over because the now seven-time Super Bowl Champion is no longer in the AFC let alone the AFC East, it's not. Last night on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Brady beat the Jets yet again with a well-timed reply to Corden's question as to whether or not the Late Night host could play in QB in the NFL.

James Corden is one of my favorite TV hosts. He's always positive and brings a fresh angle to hosting. I even like "Carpool Karaoke" but let's be honest the man's physique is not that of a pro athlete. A fact that he himself has made very funny. So when he talks about be a quarterback in the NFL and Brady at first shuts him down made me snicker. But then they take it to a whole other level by Corden asking about making the Jets and Brady agreeing that he could in fact play QB for the Jets felt like Brady dunking on the Jets and their fans one more time.

I mean I get it's a joke and considering timing and delivery are key to comedy it was flawless execution but OUCH!!! Poor Jets fans are trying to unwind and watch some late-night TV, they see Brady and probably twitch a little but think he's not with the Patriots so it should be okay then BAM!!! It's almost cruel and unusual punishment at this point.

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Brady also confirms that he wasn't thinking and alcohol played a factor in the throwing of the "Lombardi Trophy" during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebratory boat parade. You can see and hear Brady's reaction to being asked about the boat parade at the six-minute mark in the video above.

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