Before this season even began MLB experts like our own Buster Olney said don't worry about the early season injuries for the New York Yankees. They said that because teams like the Baltimore Orioles were on the schedule for the Bronx Bombers. Now that the season series between the Yankees and Orioles is complete it's easy to see just how right Buster was.

Anyone that listens to Levack and Goz knows I love the Yankees and Goz suffers through being an Orioles fan. So this domination is even sweeter for me than normal. This year the Yankees flat out destroyed the O's. The Yankees went 17 - 2 with a .303 batting average, averaging just under 8 runs a game and hit 61 homers. The Bombers outscored the O's by a total of 68 runs. broke down the domination player by player and game by game. To see the full breakdown click HERE.

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