Unfortunately for college basketball fans, this year's NCAA tournament was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This past Monday was originally scheduled to be the national championship game live from Atlanta. Instead of One Shining Moment playing after with all the great moments from this year's March Madness, fans had to turn to Virtual March Madness in video games instead  Despite not having March Madness this year, Levack and Goz ranked their top five NCAA tournament title games ever. Goz has an interesting theory as to why he ranked the games this certain way. To listen to the entire segment, click on the bar below.

Check out Goz's top five below. Do you agree? What games should have been added? Let us know below

5-1989 Michigan vs Seton Hall

4-2010 Duke vs Butler 

3-2008 Kansas vs Memphis 

2-2016 Villanova vs North Carolina 

1- 2003 Syracuse vs Kansas


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