It's been a rough few years for New York sports fans. Almost all of the professional teams are either rebuilding or struggling. To say the least, some New York sports fans are easily more irritated than ever before. May be you are not a fan of New York sports teams, and you want to irritate your friends who are! Here are the top five ways to irrate a New York sports fan.

5) Tell them "No one cares about hockey"

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The Rangers and Islanders have a combined eight Stanley Cups. Detroit is the only American city who can say they have more.


4) Tell them "The Knicks are the most overrated franchise in sports"

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Most over rated is a bit dramatic. The Knicks have had their bad years but two NBA titles is more than other franchises in the league.

3) Tell them "Madison Square Garden is "The World's Most Over Rated Arena"

MSG has made some upgrades but to call it the most over rated is going to annoy New York fans. Concerts,games, and big fights have all been held at the "World's Most Famous Arena"




2) Tell them "Your NFL teams don't even play in New York"

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Well technically they are right about that one. We all understand it though. Metlife Stadium is in New Jersey. Please don't correct the fans telling them "well actually the Jets and Giants aren't New York teams"

1) Tell them "The Yankees are only good because they spend money."


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That's not even true any more! Despite bringing in Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees are doing their best to stay under a 190 million dollar pay roll.