The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of all sports. Before you try to debate that, just stop because you'd be wrong. New York teams have many appearances and many great memories as well. So here on your station for New York Sports I'm sharing my top five moments for New York teams and athletes in the Big Game.

5) "Wide Right" this one pains me to list because I feel like it completely undermines the fact that the Buffalo Bills made it to four straight Super Bowls but it made Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and the New York Giants  SB XXV Champs. Scott Norwood will forever live on in infamy for missing a 47 yard field goal and coasting the Bills their best chance of winning a Super Bowl.

4) "The Uppercut" Sticking with Super Bowl XXV this is a moment that has forever stuck in my memory. I actually got a chance to ask Otis "OJ" Anderson about the punishing uppercut he threw on Bills' defender Mark Kelso and his smile was great. If not for that viscous stiff arm/uppercut the Giants might not win the game and Anderson wouldn't of been the MVP.

3) "Super Mario" Eli Manning to Mario Manningham on the sideline with and amazing toe drag in Super Bowl XLVI was one of the best body control catches and throws where only your receiver can catch it plays ever.

2) "David Tyree Helmet catch" This one is so much higher on most people's lists and I love the catch but I have it two as a nod to my top pick not a shot to one of the craziest catches that topped off a huge upset for the Giants over the previously unbeaten New England Patriots in XLII.

1) "The Guarantee"  Before Joe Namath told the world that the New York Jets were going to win almost no one thought it was remotely possible. Namath lounging at the Miami Beach Club told reporters "We're gonna win. I guarantee it!" and they did. The 16-7 upset victory for Namath and the Jets over the heavily favored Colts ending with Namath waving the "#1 finger" (no not that one) while leaving the field will always be the top moment for me.

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