What in the name of Metta World Peace is going on here?  Tracy McGrady recently threw an elbow at a showboating Chinese player.

Who knew the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag was so popular?  And who knew the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag would stand the test of time like this.  It’s not like Dikembe retired from the NBA last year.  The 46-year old center ended his NBA career in 2009 when he only started two games for the Houston Rockets.

Former NBA stud, Tracy McGrady, recently took offense to a player channeling his inner Dikembe Mutombo during a Chinese Basketball Association game.  The player drained a three in McGrady’s face.  The player then acted like a punk by wagging his finger in McGrady’s grill.  McGrady wasn’t a big fan of the move.

I can’t say it was a wise reaction by McGrady, but it was certainly understandable.  I also have to admit that it was enjoyable to see the showboating shooter hit the deck with a throbbing chest after McGrady drilled him with an elbow.  Just sayin.

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