The New York Giants have been very active in free agency as they fill a number of holes on their team; primarily defense. With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, how might the free agency moves affect what the team might do in the draft?

The Giants big time free agent signings in Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison, and Janoris Jenkins all on the defensive side of the ball are enormous upgrades for the struggling defense. However, the other side of the ball got a little weaker as well. With Reuben Randle a free agent and Victor Cruz coming off a devastating knee injury that has kept him off the field since 2014, the Giants depth at wide receiver is slowly becoming an issue.

The Giants are likely to go defense in the draft. It's almost a given. But the idea of going offense has brought up one intriguing prospect; Ole Miss wide receiver LaQuon Treadwell.

To get another weapon alongside Odell Beckham Jr. would be huge for the Giants offense. Treadwell has an enormous amount of upside. At 6'2" he is roughly the same size as Reuben Randle. Treadwell doesn't have the explosive speed or leaping ability of other elite NFL wide receivers, but with premier route running and a great pair of hands, the Ole Miss product provides the team with a sense of thought in whether drafting him would be an option.

At No.10, Treadwell is a bit of a reach. He is a top-20 pick at best. His lack of speed is clearly an issue along with his injury history.

Free agency also looks to be a place where the Giants could address the wide receiver need. With Nate Washington, Anquon Boldin, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, and Marques Colston available, adding a veteran to go alongside Beckham Jr. and Cruz would be the ideal situation for the Giants.

Will the Giants think about him at #10? Yes, Treadwell is an intriguing prospect. But should the Giants make that reach and draft him? Absolutely not. This upcoming draft is one of the best defensive drafts in recent memory. The holes in their defense last season could become a strength through the draft this year. If the Giants don't go defense by either drafting a pass rusher, linebacker, or possibly even a player in the secondary, I would be extremely surprised. Even offensive line would be more of a need than wide receiver at this point and Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley could be available at No.10.