After spending time in Iowa and abroad, one of the Capital Region's own is looking at a comeback.

According to James Allen at the Times Union, Jordan Canzeri, who played standout football for Troy is considering a return to the Capital Region. The yet-to-be-named Albany AFL team is holding open tryouts and Canzeri will be in attendance. I have to think he has a real shot at making the team given his level of play and local pedigree that will help bring out the fans.

As I wrote last month, this is exactly the kind of thing local professional sports needs to have staying power in Albany. At the end of the day, Albany sports is going to thrive because we in the Capital Region have a connection to the players and teams. Locally known players can go a long way toward making that happen, especially when they are as good as Canzeri is.

Best of luck to him at the tryout.

Also hey, while we're at it. When is that team name announcement coming? It's getting to be a real chore talking about "the unnamed AFL team coming to Albany." If we're going to build a local connection we need to be able to talk about the name of the team!

Want more Jordan Canzeri? He also joined Big Board Sports this morning.  Check out the full interview here.

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