A recent report released by the United States Census Bureau told an interesting story about the population of New York, and whether people have been moving to the Empire State recently, or not.

The Times Union shared data released by the Census Bureau in a recent article, which claimed that, of the 12 largest cities in the state, only two saw their respective populations grow over the past year.

Which cities near you have had residents coming, or going, from their homes recently?

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Report: Only Two of 12 Largest Cities in NY Saw Population Growth from '21-22

There were only two cities in New York, of the twelve largest in the state based on current population, that saw growth in their population from July 1, 2021, and July 1, 2022.

Those cities: Albany and New Rochelle, the 6th and 7th-largest cities in the state, respectively.

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During that 365-day span, Albany saw its population grow by 91 residents. That trend makes sense, given that the city was once again named the best place to live in the Empire State, according to US News. New Rochelle, meanwhile, gained a state-best 899 people over that same period of time.

These were the populations of the twelve largest cities in the state, as of July 1, 2022, according to The Times Union:

  1. New York City (8,335,897)
  2. Buffalo (276,486)
  3. Rochester (209,252)
  4. Yonkers (208,121)
  5. Syracuse (146,792)
  6. Albany (100,826)
  7. New Rochelle (82,288)
  8. Mount Vernon (71,714)
  9. Schenectady (68,809)
  10. Utica (64,081)
  11. White Plains (59,316)
  12. Troy (50,895)

In terms of national ranking, New York City remains the largest city in the country. The remaining 11 cities listed above were ranked from 79th in the country (Buffalo) to 788th (Troy), based on total population.

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