It is time for the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League to begin Thursday night.  I'm excited to see how the Dutchmen and Mohawks do this year.  It is a great chance to go see some great great local baseball with a bunch of our local players.  I always love visiting both teams fields and it looks like the league will be pretty competitive this season.  Below is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

The Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League starts on Thursday in Amsterdam, which is where the bar is set for every team in the league. The Mohawks always have the best team because their winning ways over the many years attract the cream of the crop, and they also have the biggest fan base. Shuttleworth Park will be sold on Thursday when they host the Albany Dutchmen to open its season. The Dutchmen have a new manager in Jordan Bernacet and both teams have plenty of local players to fill out their rosters. It is great summer baseball played by college players who are living out their dreams to the Major Leagues someday.

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MJ and I had on first year head coach Jordan Bernacet with us Tuesday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  He is a nice young guy who is ready to start after taking over for Nick Davey.  Below is our full interview with him.

The season starts Thursday night in what should be a great matchup between our two local teams.  I will be Rodg on the road many times at both parks throughout the entire season this summer.

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