UCONN beat Butler 53-41 to win its third National Championship in college hoops.  53-41?  Good Lord, that was a horrible game to watch.  Unfortunately, this game will overshadow a great run by UCONN to a certain degree.

UCONN won five games in five days to capture the Big East Tournament crown.  They went on to win six NCAA Tournament games to capture a National Championship.  It's one of the most impressive runs that has ever happened.


People won't remember the Huskies for this impressive run as much as you might think though.  UCONN won one of the ugliest championship games in the history of sports, not just basketball.

Butler only shot 18% from the field.  That is all time bad stuff right there.  Most fans will remember the championship game being so awful, that it actually puts a big damper on the great run by UCONN.  It sounds crazy to suggest, but it's actually the truth.  The game last night was that bad.