Butler is still playing the role of David.  There is one interesting thought that supports this theory.First of all, Butler deserves to be celebrated as much as VCU.  The Bulldogs beat VCU 70-62 on Saturday evening to earn a 2nd straight trip to the NCAA Championship Game.  Most of the attention during this tournament has been directed at VCU due to their impressive and very unlikely run.

Butler has earned a title shot in back-to-back years.  They've done it this season without Gordon Hayward who was an NBA lottery pick last year.  Butler has played second fiddle to VCU in the Cinderella category this year, which is a big reason why they haven't gotten as much attention as they deserve.


Butler is a tweener.  They're not a true Cinderella, and they're not a powerhouse.  They are a little of both which produces an odd combination.  The easiest way to illustrate that Butler isn't a powerhouse is this:  If they lose to UCONN tomorrow night, it'll be okay.

Think about that.  How many teams can you say that about in sports?  A team can lose a championship game two years in a row, and it's okay?  Go ahead and rack your brain if you want, but it's a waste of time.  You're not going to find one.

If Butler loses to UCONN, we'll talk about another great run to the title game.  We'll gush about head coach Brad Stevens, and Matt Howard, and yada yada yada.  Sure, Butler doesn't have Gordon Hayward.  They're an 8-seed.  They're from the Horizon League.  But until they go all the way and win a championship, they're going to be closer to David than Goliath.

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