I admit when I hear updates how close Alex Rodriguez is to being back with the Yankees it makes me shake my head.

Like the antics of this Roid cheat don't matter. Like reportedly summoning the roid doctor, Anthony Bosh, to Detroit, for a shot of juice doesn't matter.

Like his basically quitting on his club during the same series doesn't matter. More interested in scoring phone numbers than scoring runs during the ALCS, Rodriguez, after being pulled for a pinch hitter, was more interested in picking up 2 woman sitting near the Yankee dugout was higher on Rodriguez's priority list then cheering on his team.

The entire Rodriguez situation sickens me. There is no worse character in baseball then Rodriguez.

I realize for many that integrity and that sort don't matter much anymore. That is a sad commentary where we are as a people right now.

The clown 3rd baseman of the Yanks has been lying, stealing, and thieving his was through the big leagues for years and yet for Yankee commentator it's all about when he can get back on the field. Disgusting!

Rodriguez went 0-3 in his " return" last night for A ball Charleston. Afterward he gave the usual happy tone, oblivious, Rodriguez answers.

I continue to hope that at some point that some reporter, any reporter, is going to challenge Rodriguez and really put his feet to the fire. I know I am whistling into the wind here. Challenging an athlete, a cheater, is not on the docket anytime soon.

Questions like these: Why did you cheat? Why do you continue to cheat? How is it you consider yourself a team guy when clearly you only care about yourself?

Yes all challenging questions and all need to be asked in some fashion at some time. Yet we get pap like " Oh Alex coming back will help the Yanks" or " The Yanks will welcome back Alex with open arms."

For me I await the return of Derek Jeter, a good guy, a clean player, a true hall of famer.

I guess in today's world integrity matters just to the few. Truly a sad indictment to where we are as people and sports fans!