File this under “You've Gotta Be Kidding Me.” Today, UPS‘ PR team released a statement addressing their NCAA “logistics” themed commercial that they've been running during tournament. The commercial features clips of the famous Christian Laettner buzzer beater that beat Kentucky in the National Championship 20 years ago. Kentucky Wildcat fans have been so offended by this commercial that they are demanding that UPS pull it. You can check out the ad below, and read the some of the comically ridiculous PR statement that goes along with it. Kentucky fans: get a life.


The following are excerpts from a statement that was put out by Mark Dickens, Press Relations Manager for UPS:

“Conspiracy theorists might speculate that a Duke graduate is in charge of UPS’s advertising (she’s actually a Tar Heel, but I still like her) but the reality is, that incredible final shot of that incredible game couldn’t have happened without an incredible pass… Logistics is all about getting something precisely where it needs to be at precisely the right time and whether it’s in business or basketball, you need a teammate who can give you that critical last-second assist to win.”

“No one should think that UPS has some kind of anti-UK bias. On the contrary, UPS loves Kentucky. We love it so much we established our primary air hub in the commonwealth, which has driven the creation of 33,000 jobs with $300 million in annual payroll…”

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