Residents of Western New York reportedly felt tremors in their area on Sunday night.

Residents who live near Buffalo and Niagara Falls told sources that, just past 10PM on Sunday, they experienced unexpected shakes in their local area. Data has shown that there wasn't an earthquake anywhere in New York, but that doesn't change the fact that the tremors had to come from somewhere.

We have the latest details on the earthquake that happened *near* New York, and how far away it really was from the Empire State's Western border.

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Western New Yorkers Feel Shakes from Earthquake from 150 Miles Away

A story from New York Upstate shared details of a reported earthquake that was felt by some in Western New York on Sunday night. According to the story, the earthquake did not actually happen in New York.

Rather, the 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit near Madison, Ohio — as much as 150 miles away. The quake was recorded at about 10:43 p.m. just east of Hogback Ridge Park. Here is where that park is located:

Luckily, no damage was reported in that area of Ohio, and no damage was reported anywhere in New York, either.

It's been a very volatile year for New York in terms of experiencing earthquakes. A quake actually hit the state back in February, registering a 3.8 magnitude in the Western part of New York. Empire State residents also felt tremors from a massive 7.7-magnitude quake that hit back in May of this year.

In total, Earthquake Track experts list seven total quakes detected near New York over the past three months.

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