Even though the tears of disappointed Alabama fans haven't dried yet, Las Vegas has released the odds to win next year's championship! Just hours after Clemson shocked football fans everywhere by routing Alabama 44 - 16, we have the odds showing who the "Sharps" in Vegas think have the best chance of hosting the trophy next year in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Fans of variety aren't going to be thrilled if Vegas is right because the Clemson Tigers are the favorite and the Alabama Crimson Tide are projected second. If the odds are correct the Final Four who would play for the title would be completed by the Georgia Bulldogs and the Michigan Wolverines.

Here are the odds for the top prospects to win it all according to Dave Mason, Sports Book Brand Manager, BetOnline.ag:

2020 NCAA Championship - Odds to Win
Clemson                       2/1
Alabama                       5/2
Georgia                        12/1     
Michigan                       12/1     
Ohio State                    12/1     
Oklahoma                     14/1     
Florida                          25/1     
Nebraska                      25/1     
Notre Dame                  25/1     
Texas                           25/1
Washington                   25/1     
Oregon                         33/1
Auburn                          50/1
LSU                              50/1
Mississippi State           50/1     
Wisconsin                     50/1     
Iowa                             80/1
Miami FL                       80/1     
Penn State                    80/1     
Texas A&M                   80/1     
USC                             80/1
Utah                             80/1
Virginia Tech                 80/1
Central Florida              250/1   

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