Congratulations to Peter Capobianco! With 8 picks correct he won $1,000.

Katie O'Byrnes
Katie O'Byrnes

Vincent Samaio 7 correct picks! 2nd place wins Giants' and Yankees' Tickets.

Kaina Gil 6 correct picks all in the first 10 picks. 3rd place wins a Prize pack.


The NFL Draft is one of our favorite events and thanks to Katie O'Byrne's in Schenectady it's even better. We're inviting you to join us and watch the NFL Draft. That's not all! We also have a chance for you to win $1,000.

You’ve got to enter Katie O Byrnes first round draft pick challenge…Presented by Brute Strength Sports Wipes!
1st place: $1,000 cash prize!!! Most picks correct in the first round and the money is yours!

2nd Place: 2 NY Yankees and 2 NY Giants tickets

3rd Place: Prize Pack

Here are the rules:Contestants must put one player's first, last and college in each of 32 spots. You will get a point for each correct pick for that draft spot. Most points wins contest. All picks must be on provided form ONLY. All entries need to be entered by 7:55 pm Thursday, April 26th. One entry per person.

Tiebreaker as follows:
Most correct picks in the Top Ten.
Most Correct picks in the Top Twenty.
Tiebreaker question on form.

Here's the plan leave work early come watch the Yankees game starting at one, Levack and Goz live from the end of the game until 7 pm. Then enjoy Bud Light specials, great food and take your shot at winning $1,000. THERE IS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE! So why wouldn’t you be there?

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