The Cleveland Cavaliers had two days to let their terrible Game 1 performance sink in and get ready for Game 2, but apparently they didn't prepare enough. The Warriors blew out the Cavaliers 110-77.

"They just beat us," LeBron James said. "We didn't win anything. No points of the game did we beat them in anything."

James totaled 19 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds, nut his play proved costly as he turned the ball over seven times as well.

The Warriors got a great performance out of their third-wheel, Draymond Green. He racked up 28 points and went 5-of-8 from beyond the arc to help put the Warriors up 2-0 in the series.

"There's no point in celebrating or jumping up and down saying, `Look at us.' We're two games away from winning a championship, but we still have to go out and get the job done," Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. "It's a trap to think that we've figured things out, that we have the perfect formula to beat Cleveland and they have no chance in the series. That's not how we're supposed to think."

Curry and wing-man Klay Thompson combined for 35 points; up from their 20 in Game 1.

"I'm definitely surprised at the margin of victory tonight," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "It happens in the NBA, sometimes things get away from you. Sometimes shots go in, sometimes they don't. ... Everything changes when we go to Cleveland, we know that."

The Cavs have lost the first two games of the series by 48 points. The largest combined defeat in the first two games of the Finals in NBA history.

The Cavaliers try to get back into the series when Game 3 tips off on Wednesday night.