We're in the middle of the holiday season, and yet, not everyone in New York may be in the holiday spirit. A recent study was published that examined each state's level of Christmas/holiday spirit, and when stacked up against the other states, New York found itself at the back of the pack.

So, what about New York makes us all a bunch of grinches this holiday season?

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Study Shows New York Ranked Among States with Least Holiday Spirit

A study done by CenturyLink ranked each of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, by their estimated Christmas spirit.

To generate these rankings, CenturyLink weighed criteria that fell under these two categories: Christmas-themed online activity within the last 12 months and Christmas-related cultural markers.

More specifically, they examined Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses, specific Google shopping trends, Christmas music streaming and tweets about Christmas. They compared those statistics with the number of Christmas tree farms per capita, and tax information showing charitable giving.

Unsplash / Rodion Kutsaiev
Unsplash / Rodion Kutsaiev

All criteria were assigned a percentage, which would determine the weight that the criteria would have in the final score. Data was collected, run through an equation, and a final "score" was given.

When ranked against the other states, New York was ranked 48th in terms of most Christmas spirit, ahead of only Oregon, Alabama and the District of Columbia. As it turns out, this was an improvement for the Empire State, as it ranked 50th out of the 51 included on the list in 2021.

If the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is by singing loud for all to hear, apparently most New Yorkers have been plugging their ears this holiday season.

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Here is how other states around New York were ranked in terms of their Christmas spirit:

  • Massachusetts: No. 14 (down from No. 8)
  • Connecticut: No. 20 (down from No. 5)
  • Vermont: No. 11 (down from No. 6)
  • New Jersey: No. 9 (up from No. 29)
  • Pennsylvania: No. 5 (up from No. 20)
  • New Hampshire: No. 1 (second straight year!)

Yes, this study doesn't speak for all of New York, but its somewhat sad to see that spirits may not be as high heading into the holiday season in 2022. You may be just one person, but if you decorate a tree, or make a donation to the less fortunate, you'll be spreading cheer when people need it most.

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