There was some positive news earlier this week about the Albany Empire season. But with the announcement from the Governor yesterday about how many fans will be allowed at stadiums, the Empire have a certain threshold that they need in order to be able to play this season. The General Manager of the Times Union Center, Bob Belber, addresses all of those concerns and needs above. Make sure to listen!

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: Speeding up a Major League Baseball games is something that I support, but putting a runner at second for the start of extra innings, doesn’t work for me. It works at the minor league level, and would great for the ValleyCats, because nobody wants to be there all night. But trying gimmicks at the Major League level is over the top and takes away from purity of the game. Hopefully, it lasts just one more Pandemic season, and then once MLB starts playing 162 games and returns to normal, that rule change goes away.

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