I am not a Mark Sanchez hater. Rather just the opposite. However I am scratching my head at what the Jets have done. Actaully more so scratching why do it now?

When the Jets and the NY media and Jet fans came around to what I knew already and Payton Manning decided not to pay the Jets a visit (they never had a shot-just wasn't a good fit) they instead decided to extend the contract of QB Mark Sanchez for 3 more years.

The dollars aren't absurd really.Total package worth somewhere around 60 million if the Sanchize picks up the option at the end. 20 mill guarenteed which isn't absurd over 5 years. (He had 2 years left on his original deal) But the question is this-Why now? Why after a season which the numbers say wasn't that bad but the eye test says hmm.

Statistically Sanchez had his finest year, and the digits he put up are similar to what Eli Manning did in year 3, but why not let Sanchez dangle a little bit and perform better for the extension? He still had 2 years left on the contract so why now?

Were the Jets concerned about Sanchez's "feelings" after putting out feelers on Manning? If so who cares. This is the big leagues get over it. You have to kick the tires on Manning. He is Payton Manning!

Is it because many Jets and ex Jets are questioning Sanchez's ability to lead? So what who cares. Sanchez makes for an easy target and easier scapegoat. Feelings is no reason to committ to Sanchez-Yet!

They very could have and should have waited to see how off season camps go and training camp and maybe even wait until the season started and see how he progresses or worse regresses. But no for some reason the Jets decided to do it now.

The Jets mistake is Sanchez was going no place and frankly it isn't the worst thing to make  a player make the team put up big dollars with performance and leadership. Make him prove it is earned. At this point I am not sure the Jets did that.

I am all good with the Jets keeping Sanchez and letting him lead into the future but how about we see after a tough season and a rough offseason so far how his mind is and how he reacts to all of it before the extension? There was no rush to do this now yet the Jets rushed. Let's hope this gamble pays off.

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