As Levack and I prepare to arrive in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, we are wondering, beside work, what can we do?

It's my goal to meet Buster Posey and see the 'Full House' house. Levack wants to hit up the great parties of Super Bowl week. I guess we have different addition to bringing you, the listener, great content.

But we both have to eat, and we have to have some down time, so where are the best spots in San Fran? To help us answer these questions, we brought in 'Doc' the tour guide to tell us all about the City by the Bay.

Doc was an ...interesting call to the say the least. He told us where to eat, what we'll see in the airport upon arrival, and what my chances are to meet Buster Posey. And then he ended conversation with a quote you're sure to hear again.