This weekend is the annual Troy on Tap event and will be there! Nate and Mackenzie from joined Levack and Goz in studio today to have the guys sample some of the beers at this weekend's event.

The Gotbeer Experience is a free area within the event where members can get access to extremely rare brews, free food, and cool giveaways available only to<> members. You can register onsite, but if you register now, you'll begin to reap the membership benefits when you enter through the separate, less crowded,<> line into Troy on Tap!

• Membership is FREE

• Expedited entry line at Troy on Tap

• Access to The Gotbeer Experience

• Free food while supplies last

• Sample extremely rare beers

While you are in The Gotbeer Experience, you can enjoy a FREE Esperanto Doughboy (while supplies last) and three extremely limited release brews from Ithaca Beer Co. including Excelsior White Gold, a rustic pale wheat ale; Anniversary 19, a pale wheat ale aged in oak chardonnay barrels; and Anniversary 20/20, a wild farmhouse wheat ale. will also be pouring Ithaca Flower Power through a randall filled with fresh wet hops and mango!

To listen to the entire interview with Nate and Mackenzie from Levack and Goz earlier today, click on the link below.

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