NFL teams have different tactics of finding out what they need from NFL prospects, and we’re now curious as to what the Eagles did during their player interviews at the Combine.

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When asked which of his interviews he would never forget, Miami offensive lineman Ereck Flowers said, “the Eagles.”

“They just did a different way than everybody,” said Flowers, to Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. “I can’t tell you because they don’t want people telling how it was and I told them I wouldn’t. But they did something different than everybody else. They did something that completely caught me off guard.”

In case anyone was wondering, they did not Indian leg wrestle or have him hit an Eli Manning piñata. Those were our guesses. What are yours?

Flowers is projected to be one of the top offensive linemen to be drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft this upcoming May.

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