I'm the first to admit that I have never been much of a prepper. I may have missed the mark this time.

On my way home from work toda,y I noticed that all of the stores were unusually packed. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on.

I though to myself, "They must be getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day". But then I noticed everyone was buying things like milk, eggs, water and canned food.

Then it dawned on me. "Oh yeah, we're supposed to get some mega storm tonight." First off, what the hell is that about? It's mid March!

Anyway, I panicked. I hate shopping to begin with. The only reason I went inside in the first place was to get some ice cream.

In my hurried state of mind I grabbed the first essential things I could think of.

I grabbed two pizzas and some macaroni and cheese. I've got a bottle of wine to help get me through it too. How do you winter storm? Oh, crap I forgot the ice cream.

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