What went wrong for the Bills against Tennessee? We decided to ask Carly Mascitti who covers Buffalo. How bad did they miss Tre White and John Brown? Was Josh Allen a mirage? Make sure to listen above!

If Jets head coach Adam Gase gives up his play calling duties to an assistant coach, what does that tell you? It tells you one of two things and neither are good. Either Gase realizes he can’t do the job, or Jets CEO Christopher Johnson wants Gase to make a change. And if that’s the case, Gase won’t be the head coach much longer if the Jets don’t show some signs of life. Can’t imagine the Jets winning at Miami on Sunday, not with the Dolphins coming off a blowout win at San Francisco. If you take a look at the Jets schedule the rest of the way, you can make strong case that they won’t win a game the entire season.

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