What is the greatest sports video game of all time? Is it on the original Nintendo? The Xbox One? PlayStation 2? Is it hockey, soccer, football, basketball? Below are 1045 The Team staff selections. What is the all-time best sports video game and why? Let us know below.

Goz- co host Levack and Goz NCAA College Football 14

I LOVED college football video games. I did everything from recruiting, building dynasties, even creating teams and doing online dynasties with friends. This of course was (for now) the final version of a college sports video game. I played it for so many years after it was released. Bring back NCAA video games! Love NCAA 14. Best game ever.

Levack- co-host Levack and Goz -Techmo Bowl

You can't have a greatest video game list of all time without Tecmo Bowl

Chris Onorato-Co-host of Big Board Sports

Hmm. Good one. Lot of classics. Madden, NHL 95, MLB The Show. but give me NBA Jam

Brian "The Closer" Mariano, voice of Albany Great Danes athletics and Albany Empire, host of paddock pass-Tiger Woods 08

I loved that game! Tiger vision it was so good. Best game ever.

Eric Hannamann, producer/reporter/host- MVP Baseball 05

When I think back at the peak of most of my summers in my younger years, when I wasn’t playing baseball or other sports outside, I was playing some sort of baseball game for PlayStation. Believe me I love the MLB The Show games but for me, the true love of these games all began with MVP Baseball 2005. Games like these surely are helped by the fact they are the last of their kind just like NCAA Basketball 2010 was which will also always have a special place in my heart. Playing MVP Baseball 2005 was always a good way to spend your time. The announcers (Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, who still are real-life announcers for the San Francisco Giants) always made it interesting. From calls like “He hits this one into orbit, long gone!” and the cracking of the voice after one would say “Big Boy” they added to the enjoyment of playing the game. MVP Baseball 2005 also introduced me to Owner Mode which also includes the Dynasty Mode which would last up to 120 seasons! Owner Mode would allow you to build your own stadium and set prices on concessions, tickets, parking and merchandise as well as buying upgrades for your stadium. It was a whole new experience for me and it was awesome to feel like you owned a team. You could also play a gamecast and enter the game in the 9th if there was a clutch moment that needed to be made. Other quirks included Barry Bonds (Jon Dowd) and Kevin Millar (Anthony Friese) having made up players with their attributes in the game because they left the MLBPA. I also remember the Washington Nationals franchise being the one I wanted to begin with because this was the first time they ever were in a video game after the move from Montreal (Shoutout José Vidro, not sure why he really sticks with me). With all the time not necessarily playing a game in Owner mode, the music better be good and it was. Even though as a Yankee fan, seeing Manny on the cover and a beginning sequence featuring one of the best moments of Red Sox franchise history capped off with the song “Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphy’s (admittedly a good song though), it wasn’t always easy. But I can’t say enough about how much I thoroughly enjoyed this game. And who knows? I may have broke out the ol’ Playstation 2 and relived the Glory Days by the time you’ve read this!


"Digital" Doug - NHL 94 

NHL 94 is not just the best hockey video game ever, it’s the best sports game ever. I played it on Genesis, my friend had it on SNES. We couldn’t agree on which was better, but we did agree the game was flipping amazing. The controls were a big step up from anything else that was out around that time, so you could just focus on playing instead of fighting with the controller. Passing, checking, shooting, the game did what you wanted it to do when you pressed buttons (sounds small, but at the time those games didn’t control so well). No idea how many hours I must have spent with NHL ’94. I probably don’t want to know. Also, my Rangers won the cup in ’94.


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