Ok let's say you are a bitter Orlando Magic fan then you might not care about this. But if you love the NBA and love an entertaining broadcast booth oh do I have a nugget for you.

If I were ABC executives right now, ESPN big wigs, heck TNT poo Bahs I know who I would be talking to right now. The former coach, successful coach of the Magic Stan Van Gundy, No brainer-especially if I was ABC/ESPN.

Imagine how entertaining the Van Gundy brothers would be working together with straight man, but funny in his own way Mike Breen. Thanks to the steady hand of Breen, a great pro, and great guy, Jeff Van Gundy has a personality. Remember how stiff JVG was when he 1st started. Then teamed with  Breen and mark Jackson we had analysis and personality and opinion in abundance. Imagine the VG brothers with Breen as referee. Oh man I am smiling.

Breen, who I met years ago when he worked in talk radio and came in and taught a few things to us young and wanna be broadcasters is a different cut, at least he was then. Personable. Funny. Interesting and willing to teach. he went onto fame doing the funniest sports casts ever working with radio icon Don Imus.

Breen would be able to nurture Stan. It might take a little time for the personality to come out so keep it simple at the start. You know Stan has personality. Just go watch his huddle or his post game pressers. He certainly doesn't lack for opinion.

I love this idea. this could be a tremendous booth and think about this-historic. When have 2 brothers, both who have excelled in coaching, ever been in the same broadcast booth and analyzing a game. NBA fans would benefit and the sport would as well. Imagine a blowout ball game during the regular season and these 2 going at it. I bet the stories would be captivating.

ABC/ESPN make the call and make this happen!  Much like TNT's pre-game show is a must watch with Barkley, Smith, and Shak is great TV with the steady and spectacular Ernie Johnson "playing" ref, this 3 man braodcaster booth would be fabulous. make this happen!