Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Levack and I bring you this week's edition before Levack hits vacation next week. How has social media responded to the XFL, Houston Astros, Ben McAdoo and more?

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Check out this week's list below

Michael-When did the Sox cheat ? MLB has yet to reveal any wrong doing on the Sox

Ryan-I need to write a book re: NFL suspensions called, “Bless Me, Roger, For I Have Sinned: How NFL Players Tslk Themselves Down from Suspensions.”

Jack Lamson-Alternate Headline: Former #1 overall pick may finally be able to see linebackers in 6th Season.. CBS 6

Burt-40 pizzas in 30 days is a cakewalk too #PapaSoft

Micahel A-McApoo was an average coordinator at best. My dog leaves more coaching success in tightly coiled piles on the lawn.

Heath-Again? He wasn’t successful yet....so he can’t possibly be again.

Kory-Welllll its always a good time to come around 2-3 in afternoon, just in time for afternoon chores! Drive some skidsteer to clean some poopy, then feed some calves milk and hay and then help milk some cows if needed! Lo

Stephen-kind of a awkward workout & I’m not callin u out cause I’m big fan of ur show...if u ever wanna hang out w/ a listener I’d do this workout with u plus I know when people talk and make it weird u hate it so this is a perfect solution as I’d be stuffing my face

GreatBigIdoit-Idiot is fine. Mr. Idiot is my father’s name.

John Delmar-It is high it is far...it is long


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