Thursdays at 4pm mean one thing. It is time again for Levack and Goz to present to you  "Socially Awkward Media". The segment has become many listeners' favorites as it is always so unpredictable.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week from 1045 The Team's social media platforms.  .Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't. Below is who made this week's Top 10 list. Plus listen to Levack and Goz's reaction to some of the tweets below.

David-This is exactly why the Jets will forever suck!


Jason-I like it, settle down to all those that are crying


Bryan-I don't like the hiring of Adam Gase at all they should have tried to hire Mike McCarthy.


Mike-no way giants should take ANY QB in first round ! Go sing teddy bridgewater !!!!


David-hey just an idea what if the NFL adopted a mandatory red shirting for players who enter the draft after one year in college.  NFL Teams have to sit them for one year. Bulk up and learn.


Kool K-I'll take a ring too


Monte-I once cleaned snow off the top dog's new ride, in a snow storm, with my hands because the unnamed executive didn't want a snow brush to scratch the car.  Sometimes lunch gotta wait.

@THEjefflevack taught me all my butt-kissing secrets.


NYvsEvery1-Keep them on the phone as long as possible, they freak out on you before they hang up.. Just sting them along for a good 20 mins you'll see


Chris Onorato-Goz is riddled with guilt on this. Fortunately, he's confused me with a Prince (Harry) and an NBA 1st round pick (@KevinHuerter).


Greg-Onorato should be a Chia Pet, not a bobblehead

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