In what can only be called a "Patriots move" the New England Patriots have agreed to a one year deal with quarterback Cam Newton. This is a low-risk high reward kind of deal for the Pats. If Cam isn't the starter he makes the league minimum if he hits all the incentives he'll make about $7.5 Million. So what effect will Newton to the Pats have on the AFC East?

The easy answer is the Patriots are once again the team to beat. I mean you lost Tom Brady and replaced him with a league MVP that has everything to prove. However, which Cam Newton are you getting? Remember Cam is coming off some pretty serious injuries and can't learn the offense in a standard training camp environment. That could be problematic. doesn't seem to think Newton will have a huge effect on the Pats but it looks like the Pats could have a big effect on Cam.

The Cam Newton Effect

· Patriots Super Bowl odds went from 28/1 to 25/1

· Patriots Conference Odds are unchanged at 12/1

· Patriots Division odds went from 17/10 (+170) to 13/10 (+130) and they are now tied with the Bills at 13/10

· Cam Newton’s MVP Odds went from 100/1 to 40/1

Plus one prop here:

How many games will Cam Newton start for the New England Patriots during the 2020 NFL Regular Season?

Over/Under 8½

So the Pats are now tied with the Bills as the favorites to win the AFC East but Cam's MVP odds went from 100/1 to 40/1.

The biggest fallout could actually be from another AFC East star's reaction to the signing. New York Jets Jamal Adams Tweet of approval could be the last straw between the outspoken safety and Gang Green.

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