The New England Patriots are coming off of a big time upset over the Buffalo Bills in a shocking win 29-25.  Mac Jones led a game winning drive in the final two minutes and threw a go ahead touchdown to tight end Mike Gesicki with around ten seconds left.  The Bills were heavy favorites but the Pats played their best game of the season by far and away at home at Gillette Stadium.  They improve to 2-5 now overall and have the Miami Dolphins this week on the road where they are almost ten point underdogs.  Bill Belichick has arguably the least amount of talent he's ever had on a football team as Mac Jones isn't very good and he has little to no weapons around him.  The defense has also been very disappointing.

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MJ and I had on our good friend ESPN's Freddie Coleman as we do every Friday right here on Big Board Sports.  Freddie discussed the Patriots upset last week over the Bills and responded to MJ's question by saying he thinks that it will be close.  Freddie also discussed all other matchups and headlines with us.  Below is our full conversation with him.

The Patriots are still not a good football team and will not make the playoffs.  It is the second meeting this year as the Dolphins beat the Patriots 24-17 in week two on Sunday Night Football.  I expect it to be close and the Patriots to cover but Miami will win the game and sweep the regular season series.

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