@GarryCobb says the @Eagles players need to cease from taking part in any ‘bedroom’ activities until further notice.That’s what we in the sports business call a “Bold Strategy” pic.twitter.com/X2BIYPJbGJ— FOX 29 (@FOX29philly) October 8, 2018

A Philadelphia News show was discussing the Eagles issues so far this season when a member of the news team shared his idea on how the Eagles could regain their Super Bowl level of play. Garry Cobb a former Eagles Linebacker and member of the Fox 29 news team in Philadelphia let the viewers know the players needed to suspend their bedroom activities if they wanted to win again.

If "pocket watching" (which is the act of commenting on other player's money) other players is wrong, bedroom watching has to be a mortal sin lol. It did however get me to thinking. We're all a little superstitious if you went a week or so without "Bedroom activities" and your team kept winning, would you shut it down until they lost? If your answer is yes then just how long would or could you go for the sake of your team?

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