We know how beloved JImmer Fredette is here in the Capital Region, but does he still have the huge following in Utah?

The BYU graduate and Glens Falls native won the Player of the Year award as a member of the Cougars in 2011 while making a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Since Jimmer can't seem to find a role with the New York Knicks, could be he a fit for the Utah Jazz?

We brought in Sam Benson of the Deseret News in Utah to ask him that question and more:

Furthermore, Benson is lacrosse expert and works for several publications in the United States, so we asked him about the UAlbany Great Danes. Can they succeed this season without the Thompsons? Can they still be a national player this season led by Seth Oakes and Connor Fields?

LISTEN HERE as Benson breaks down Jimmer and UAlbany lacrosse.


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