Derek Jeter said he would be ready for Opening Day.  But with his right ankle pretty much shattering during last year's playoffs, that was a long shot, even for DJ.  But what is the realistic timetable now?  Jeter is only currently doing a throwing program and therapy.  He is not even taking batting  practice.  He is not doing fielding drills.  What does this mean?  Two things.  One, his ankle is nowhere near game shape.  Two, it is weaker than we were all led to believe.

Don't expect the Yanks to get Jeter back until May 1 at the earliest.  This is trouble because Jeter is a clutch hitter and despite his age, the Yanks need his bat because they do not have anything in the order.  Plus, the leadership on this team can't be found without #2.  Say what you want about Robinson Cano's talent, but it isn't in his DNA to lead a club.    Oh and to add fuel to the fire, the Yanks have already gotten off to a rotten start in 2013.

By:  Mike Lindsley, 1-4 host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Hit him up on Twitter @MikeLSports.