Today marks 57 days without professional or Collegiate sports in the US. That's pretty terrible to think about for diehard sports fans like most of us but there could be hope brewing. UFC 249 will take place this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida and May 17th NASCAR returns with the Darlington 400. Both will be without fans in attendance. So when will the major 4 sports leagues return? Will the MLB, NHL or NBA return before the NFL kicks off? There is a small amount of hope that MLB and or NBA could be back before football.

The NFL has basically stayed the course towards opening their regular season on Thursday, September 10th. The Draft was held virtually on it's originally scheduled dates and off-season programs are being held virtually as well. Commissioner Rodger Goodell's memos have all focused on maintaining the leagues desire to open on time. The belief of insiders is even though the NFL continues to push towards a September start, a month delay is far more likely.

Major League Baseball is reportedly finalizing a proposal that the MLBPA will need to agree to that would map out how baseball's season would return. Trevor Plouffe recently Tweeted that his sources said mid-June would start a second Spring Training and the season would start in early July without fans.

Possibly the most rumors have been about the return of the NBA. Both Las Vegas and Disney World have reportedly offered to host the NBA's return. Commissioner Adam Silver is planning on hosting an all player call on Friday. Friday is also the day team facilities will be allowed to open in states where that is permitted. So we should know more sometime tomorrow.

The NHL has kept their plans pretty quiet but there are some rumblings the league is working on opening facilities. Nothing concrete but a league memo is leading some to believe the team facilities could open early June and some form of a season would follow in two to four weeks.

My hunch is the MLB will be the first to play but the NBA playing at Disney World is pretty intriguing.

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