In the history of professional football, there have been some amazing teams win it all. We asked you who is the greatest team to ever win the "Big Game" on our Facebook? Of the 52 potential teams to choose from, we took your top 16 answers and put together a bracket. Those 16 teams were randomly slotted and now you get to pick "The Best Football Champions of All Time".

You'll get to vote in four rounds of the bracket. Each round, pick the teams you think were better just like any other bracket. The coolest part is Best Fitness has agreed to give away a free 3-month gym membership each round and a FULL YEAR gym membership when The Best Team is decided. Just a little extra incentive to bring you back each round and help us crown our all-time champion.

Lastly, if you don't see your favorite team in the bracket that's because YOU didn't answer our Facebook post. So feel free to comment with who's missing but know that it's not my fault you dropped the ball! Ha!

Here's the bracket:

Best Champions Bracket

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