Sure the 2018 World Series just ended last night but hey it's never too early to look to next season... especially if you're not a Boston Red Sox fan. Who is Vegas giving the best odds to win it all next year? has already released the odds and they believe the the final games could be the same as last year. The Red Sox are tied with the Astros for the best odds and the Yankees and Dodgers are tied for second best chance. So very good chance if Vegas is right we see a World Series rematch.

MLB Odds
Odds to win the 2019 World Series
Boston Red Sox                         7/1
Houston Astros                          7/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                 8/1
New York Yankees                     8/1
Chicago Cubs                             10/1
Cleveland Indians                       12/1
Atlanta Braves                            14/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    14/1
St Louis Cardinals                      18/1
Washington Nationals                18/1
Philadelphia Phillies                   20/1
New York Mets                           25/1
Colorado Rockies                       35/1
Oakland Athletics                       35/1
Los Angeles Angels                   40/1
Tampa Bay Rays                        50/1
Arizona Diamondbacks              60/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                       60/1
Seattle Mariners                         60/1
Chicago White Sox                     65/1
Minnesota Twins                        75/1
Toronto Blue Jays                      75/1
Cincinnati Reds                          125/1
San Diego Padres                      125/1
San Francisco Giants                 125/1
Texas Rangers                           125/1
Detroit Tigers                              250/1
Kansas City Royals                    250/1
Miami Marlins                             250/1
Baltimore Orioles                       350/1

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