"The best, the worst and the most awkward from social media". That has become the mantra of a Thursday 4pm staple on Levack and Goz: Socially Awkward Media. The segment has become many listeners' favorites as it is always so unpredictable because it spotlights the best, worst and most awkward social media message we receive. This week was packed with great content. Is this an all time week for social media comments? Let us know your thoughts on this week's edition.

Scholars of the Game- No, only because there have been so many other players just as deserving. Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Nolan Ryan, just to name a few.

Papa Kilo-thanks for the shout out! Our folks appreciate it! Hopefully it will end soon and delays to and from the Super Bowl won’t spiral out of control!

Chet Davis CBS 6-As nice as it is to be stuck at 969 followers, is going to bake me a cake if I reach 1K. Help a guy get his cake.

Ranger Summit-sports has always had bad calls. What would we be talking about if not for controversy in sports?! We overlegislate in every area. Stay out of sports. Not everyone deserves a trophy.

Marrisa on The Radio-No. Like lebron to me....selfish player. Nothing fun about a one man show.

Tiffany-Who cares #saintswererobbedandgoodellsucks (article on Rams trivia question)

Craig-Slow news day?

Trevor- Id like to see rodg hit 95% of his free throws (article on Saints)

Ferrick-Levack! You have not aged out!!

Digital Doug-Billy "White Shoes" Johnson story

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