Our edition of Wednesday Why in the month of November did not disappoint. Each week on Levack and Goz we offer up a simple question: WHY?!  It could be a coaching decision, a team, a player movement or something else. Although the concept of the segment sounds simple, it truly is much harder to come to a conclusion on the topics. Every Wednesday, our "Wednesday Why?" is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center.

This week's Wednesday Why topics included why the New York Yankees decided to re-sign CC Sabathia. You will hear Levack and I give our reasons today to open the show at 2pm. Why did the Siena Saints play better than expected in game one of their season? Why is Duke basketball so good this season? Plus find out why we were given so many random sports movies? My guess is people want to drive me crazy this week. To listen to this week's edition of the segment listen live on the FREE 1045 The Team app at 4:00 pm or check back tomorrow

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