The world of sports continues to every week to offer up head straching decisions. It could be a coaching decision, a team, a player movement or something else.Although the concept of the segment sounds simple, it truly is much harder to come to a conclusion on the topics. Each Wednesday Why is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center. This week Wednesday Why was moved to 3pm as we were bumped by ALCS and NLCS coverage.

This week's Wednesday Why topics included the topic of Nathan Peterman and the Buffalo Bills. Why is Peterman still even on the Bills roster after his historically bad start to his career? I know I'll struggle to answer to that today because nothing has shown to me that he deserves that spot. Levack seems to be leaning towards Peterman actually helping the Bills in the rebuilding process. Why is there an alleged beef between Manny Machado and Christian Yelich?  To listen to this week's edition of the segment listen live on the FREE 1045 The Team app at 3:00 pm or check back after 5:00 p.m today to the link below.



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