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Landing in the number six spot on the "Most Viewed Articles of 2020" is this story from Thanksgiving weekend. How many of you remember the spelling error in the title from this story from last month? Learn about the wild pig that was LOOSE in Glenville last month below. 

It is officially Thanksgiving here in the Capital Region. When we think about the traditions associated with the holiday, most people usually think of turkey, football and spending time with family. 2020 has brought many of our traditions to a change because of the restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

It looks like a new animal may want to follow the 2020 theme and break tradtion by becoming the new most popular animal in the Capital Region on the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Allegedly there is a "wild" pig roaming the Capital Region. This pig has been spotted in Glenville, New York according to internet users. Why is the pig wondering around? That question still seems to be unanswered?

The pictured has been been shared by users on the Next Door website. To access Next Door for your neighborhood and to find out more about the comments surrounding this "wild" pig, you can sign up for the site here. It's possible your area may have unique "wild" roaming the streets this week as well.

As a current Glenville resident I can say I have yet to see this pig wondering around the neighborhood. I have yet to even hear my neighbors discussing any pig in backyards or on the street? I have seen deer in the neighborhood almost every night but never have I seen a pig wondering the streets. I will continue to keep the Capital Region posted this Thanksgiving week if I do see any pigs wondering around my yard. Happy Thanksgiving and keep us posted if you have any info on "The Glenville Pig"

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