Former UAlbany head coach Will Brown has handled the mutually agreed upon departure from the program he built, with total class. His open letter to the Capital Region was well written, his message was spot on, and it was a classy way to end his great run at UAlbany. The coaching future for Brown remains a bright one, and the way he’s handled the parting of ways will pave the way to his next opportunity. Both sides handled a tough situation, in the best way possible.

In case you missed Will's message, here it is:

In the above segment from Big Board Sports, I address that message and why it was the right thing by Coach Brown. The discussion was not limited to just the great note but also included the following:

  • Will Brown's resume was impressive at UAlbany. Five NCAA tournament appearances while maintaining and clean program and players graduating at a high rate in the program.
  • A lot of his players in the 2020-21 season will most likely not return to the program. Cam Healey, Antonio Rizzuto being among them which will make the next head coach for the Great Danes job an even tougher challenge from the get-go. This team had they been able to have no interruptions could have been phenomenal this year, but now most will not be back with the team next season.
  • UAlbany will not drag out this process and a hire should be made relatively quickly.
  • What other option did Brown have? He was not going to trash the school or AD but it also showed who Will is as an individual. He has handled things beautifully.

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