In a disastrous move in my opinion, but 1 that fits with the ugly politics of New York City at this time, the home of the NY Rangers and NY Knicks, Madison Square Garden, may kick the Rangers and Knicks out to rebuild Penn Station, which sits a few levels below MSG.

Of course in the mixed up world that is Manhattan and the seedy politics and corruption, this is somehow being hailed as a great thing. Of course many that voted to extend the Garden to both New York teams are the same people that will vote for disgusting politicians named Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer,1 for mayor, the other for comptroller, despite both being caught up in seedy sex scandals. That just gives you some insight into what and how these people think.

The owners of Madison Square Garden, known as the world's most famous arena, The Dolans have just dumped millions into renovating the arena. In fact renovations haven't even finished up yet. They will cause both the Rangers and Knicks to be on long, extended road trips to start the seasons.

The " New" MSG has been operating at Penn Station since 1963. It might be void of titles, but certainly not thrills. World championship fights, concerts, Wrestling events, the circus just to name a few. The 50 year permit expired recently.

The local community board voted 36-0 to make this latest move happen. The city council voted 47-1 in the final vote. Again look at the creeps voting and what they stand for.

Fear not however Knick and Rangers fans. Despite the sleazy politics and politicians and their screwy votes, you can anticipate the Garden will move to another destination in the borough.

Ther remains some other procedural things that must happen before this becomes officially official so it is not 100% that the Knicks are Rangers will have to find a new home.

Having used Penn Station, the train system, etc many times, it is not a doubt that Penn Station could use somewhat of an upgrade. However unlike the pap you hear coming from the creepy politico's the place isn't run down and a rat fest. Like any old building or facility it needs a face lift and a paint job along with other new amenities and such but still operates extremely well. I can tell you being their just last weekend the air conditioning needs to be worked on.