This year more and more retailers are beginning their "Black Friday" sales early and making special deals available online to attempt to keep crowds down during the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you're one of the frugal shoppers that wait until the day after Thanksgiving hoping to save big and still get great prizes the time to shop might be right now instead. In the time-honored tradition of doing whatever it takes to make sure your child has an ear to ear smile on their face this Holiday season, I'm sharing a list of the hottest toys.

When I was a kid there were few books that ever held my attention as much as the Toys R Us Christmas catalog. I would sit on the floor for however long it took to go cover to cover and circle every toy I wanted to add to my list to Santa. Like many kids, I definitely circled WAY MORE than Santa could afford or I even deserved but it was always fun to dream. Here are a few of the "Hottest Toys" for this holiday season according to Toys R Us.

Baby Yoda is still a hit and if last year was any indication of this year you better pre-order now!

Nintendo has made the list again like it does every year but this time it's with the wildly popular Nintendo Switch.

All the classics like Legos, Barbie, and Blues Clues are back on the Hot Toys list as well. For my money you can never go wrong with a football or baseball and glove. To be honest, giving those to my daughter is as much for me as it is for her. There's nothing better than playing catch with your kid to make a rough day into a great one.

Check out the full list HERE.

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