Wofford kick returner Stephon Shelton forgot to take a knee in the end zone for a touchback.  Northern Iowa was able to score a touchdown on the play.  Whoops! 

This reminds me of the video game, "Tecmo Super Bowl."  There was no way to kneel down in the end zone for a touchback.  We would tell kids who were unfamiliar with the game that if you just stayed in the end zone without doing anything, you would be granted a touchback.  Of course, this didn't actually work.  The other team would run down and make the tackle in the end zone for a safety or force a fumble to score a touchdown.

It's as if Northern Iowa pulled the old "Tecmo Super Bowl" trick on Wofford.  This was for the FCS Championship.  It was a one-possession game at the time also.  Northern Iowa was leading 21-14 at the time.  The Panthers went on to win 28-21.  Unbelievable.  Thank goodness I didn't bet big money on the Wofford Terriers this Saturday.  Sheesh. 

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