This video features the worst flop in a basketball game that I have ever seen.

This video features the mother of all basketball flops.  The flop took place during an intense Philippine Basketball Association game.  Honestly, is there ever a game that isn't intense in the ole PBA?  Of course not.  Anyway, Will McDonald of the Petron Blaze got upset with Mick Pennisi of the Barako Bull. 

McDonald tossed the basketball at Pennisi's forehead.  After the ball hit Pennisi, he waited a few moments before flailing to the floor.  It was the most laughable flop in a basketball game that I've ever seen.  McDonald was immediately ejected for the flagrant 2 foul.  Did the horrible acting job pay off?  No.  McDonald would've been ejected regardless.  Do you really think the officials thought, "Oh, man, Pennisi might really be hurt.  We better eject McDonald."  Nobody is that dumb.  The flop was pretty entertaining though. 

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