It's no secret that I am a fan of professional wrestling - yes, I'm talking about the stuff you see on television with guys flying around in colorful tights with bright lights and big stages. However, it's not very often you see a network TV show be allowed to go behind the scenes and have an inside look at the personal life of these "larger than life" superstars.

Welcome to the Celebrity season of ABC's "Wife Swap," a reality TV show where two husbands swap their wives for a week and the "new wives" are allowed to create rules for the final few days they are in that household. This past weekend's new episode featured two of the biggest names from the last 30 years in professional wrestling - "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

While fiery and controversial inside the wrestling ring, Piper has become a reclusive man, living with his family on a mountain in the Portland, Oregon area. On the contrary, Flair hasn't slowed down a bit since his "retirement," constantly going out on the town and having a grand old time in Charlotte, North Carolina. Take a look at the entire episode below:

What shocked me the most from this show was the fact that, despite all of the lawsuits and monetary problems he's had in recent years, Flair was continuing to live the extravagant lifestyle he had grown used to during his prime. Some people just can't slow down and allow themselves to enjoy retirement - Flair appears to be one of those people, hopefully he won't crash and burn like many have before.

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