According to the Wall Street Journal The Yankee broadcasts on the Yes network are way down, to the tune of 38%.

As concerning to Yankee brass is that 38% figure represents last years ratings, which were the lowest since 2003. Now those are the facts. Let's get to the opinion.

I think 2 things are in play here. 1st off you would have to be foolish to think the rash of major injuries didn't factor in. Of course they do. No question people tune in to see Derek Jeter. No one, probably not even his own family tune in to see David Adams. Kidding of course on the family not watching. Seems they are the only one's says I with a wry smile.

When you remove Alex Rodriguez, Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira from the lineup fans might tune away. However. Oh you knew there would be a however!

However don't you always hear fans talk about the " young guys, doing it for the passion and not the money" etc etc etc? 1 thing the Yankees have going for them right now is an abundance of young guys, making far less dollars, "getting their uniforms dirty", "for the love of the game."

Actually the Yankees have 2 things going for them. They are competitive. very competitive. In 1st place most of the season, the Yanks have slipped to 3rd place, 3 games back. In the rugged in AL East that's an impressive job by the young fella's, the fill ins, the last chancers. You know who I mean. Vernon Wells, Travis Hafner, Lyle Overbay, David Adams, Jason Nix to a certain degree, Ichiro to a certain degree.

Of course it is the pitching, young and old, that has kept the Yanks afloat. The " Hammer Of God" as I call Mariano Rivera is still the man and looks like he could keep going. He has chosen not to after this season. Hiroki Kuroda has been nails. CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, David Phelps, Phil Hughes, David Robertson and the rest of the relief cast have done a very solid job.

So you have a mixed bag here. Just how much love for the young guys and "scrappers" is there considering the huge drop in TV viewership? Then again last year's numbers were way down and that was with the veterans. Can't have it both ways.

The 2nd reason is that Yankee fans are spoiled. I think this theory is valid. Used to winning big, with the biggest names and most star power, this sort of team is a shock to many of the Yankee nation. I get that. Try being a Met fan.

While in theory it might sound good to pontificate about young and scrappy, that is not who the Yanks are, have been, and would probably like to stay as they have been  all these years, the "Bronx Bombers." GM Brian Cashman said as much in the preseason. I have convinced that Yankee nation is spoiled. I wish I knew the feeling. When you go to the playoffs 17 of 18 years you tend to bloviate about how good your team is. As I said SPOILED!

Perhaps you have a different theory? By all means please explain if you care to take the time.

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